The products below may or may not have been crafted in the late 19th century by Marxist nuns. Either way, they are extremely fashionable and you should buy them. All. Now.

Girl Dog Zip Jacket


Jacket for females with an engaging dog motif. A snip at GBP 29.99.

Religious Dog T

For religious dogs. Slightly over-priced at GBP 15.99.

Bikini With Dog

Delightful dog-related beachwear. GBP 19.99 (averaging GBP 9.99.5 per part).

Dog Knickers

Fashionable dog-related undergarments for the refined lady - GBP 9.99.

Doggy Bag

For keeping thoughts in. GBP 13.99 is nothing for such peace of mind.

Drinking Mug

Mug intended for drinking. With Dog. A wonderful GBP 11.99.

Girl Dog Top

Top for girl with dog on. Is GBP 19.99 enough?

Infant Dog Top

For only GBP 11.99, parents can inculcate a sense of history and refinement into their offspring.

Man Pants

Pants for men (or adventurous women). With dog on. GBP 14.99.

Long Sleeve Dog Shirt

Long-sleeved shirt with dog. Criminally underpriced at GBP 19.99.

Mouse Dog Mat

A nice mat for your mouse. Or Dog. GBP 9.99 with advanced textile coating, possibly developed by NASA.

Religious Dog Bag

Please everybody while shopping for only GBP 14.99.